April 13, 2006
    brand democracy


Campaign Goal:
We decided to set up a webpage that would act as a marketing research / testing platform for both existing and new products. The campaign was used to bring awareness to the new site. The reason for the site is that we are a (Portugal-based) marketing company that wants to have real time market research (quantitative & qualitative) without the expense usually associated.

We came up with the name Kreedo (Credo - belief) and had a flash media presentation with a great sound and engaging language. Kreedo - brand democracy - you decide - your universe - want to be the first to see unrealeased films? - hear unreleased music? - test products before they come out? Be the first...

We had onestat supplying us with statistics as well as VI Net that were supplying us with the bandwidth necessary - with just a flash media presentation we blew our 2.5 GB traffic alowance in 2 days. In 6 days we had clocked up over 10 Million hits! We used clever scripts for people to register and through their hotmail, gmail and outlook address lists, send out invitations awarding points for friends that registered.

Seed Strategy:
We targeted 200 brand ambassadors / opinion leaders in the Portuguese youth market and invited them to have a look at the site - it then grew exponentially.

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
In 6 days we had 30,000 members registered which quickly grew to 70,000 with profile. Average age was a surprise - higher than we expected - 21 years old.

We then began building the site based on their comments as the first thing we placed was a forum. This is THEIR universe so we built it whilst they gave us the direction. The peak was tremendous and then it dropped. We now have peaks when we run campaigns such as the Apple Nano campaign - awareness of capabilities - not just an expensive mp3 player.

Biggest Learning:
The number of visitors and the speed at which we grew could never have guessed! Would have prepared the register for other countries - we never thought that 30% of those registering were from Brazil, USA, Canada as well as other countries ranging from the Middle East to Europe. Would have also prepared the server as the site went down on several occasions owing to exceedingly high traffic.

The Viral Result:
There's no doubt as to the power of the viral campaign as viewed in the following diagram compared to the three main mobile operators:


MarketingSherpa classified the Kreedo Viral Campaign 8th - read more



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