May 18, 2006
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Bacardi-Martini Portugal / Bacardi Carta Blanca and Breezer


  • Make real the brand promise: Release Your Party Spirit
  • Optimization of costs – A fully integrated concept
  • Relational marketing with rewards – fully opt-in
  • Create a unique and unforgettable experience
  • Clubbing tour with relevant, innovative and experiential content
  • Breezer – included in the Bacardi tour but had to create an impact

Target Audience:
16-24 y.o. in venues where Bacardi-Martini is strategically positioned

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We built on 2004’s successes and weaknesses – what we wanted to transmit was that for consumers that were used to going to a specific club, that Bacardi night would stand out as THE night. A 25 date national clubbing tour was scheduled in all the top nightclubs in Portugal.

We substituted the traditional hostess concept with the brand ambassador style street teams. The day before the event, hot spots were chosen and the dynamic team visited all of them promoting the following day event whilst also identifying the group leaders and inviting them to be on the “coolest guest list”.

As the consumer arrived, they were met by the familiar faces of the street teams, given a brief explanation of the automated photography and were then invited to enter the venue. A selection of plasma screens and the new translucid high lumens screens were used with carefully produced imagery interlaced with a strong brand presence mixed live by pro VJs. Large branded truss with smoke machines, lighting and moving head lasers surrounded the main dance floor.

The Breezer zone personified the brand’s message of duality complete with an Angel and Devil that would invite clubbers to have their photograph taken – how could you resist a photo in bed with an Angel? – a highly consumer engaging promotion. There was also a stand that acted as a mini television studio for Dance TV (main Dance orientated cable program) for interviews whilst doubling as a merchandise exchange point against consumption cards.

A Bacardi professional flair barman ensured that the consumer was able to change its drinking habits to include exciting cocktails mixed with flair. TFT’s were placed on the bar in order to obtain Bacardi’s objective of total back bar visibility – the objective, which was achieved, was to divert the consumer’s attention from the back bar should other brands be present to the TFT’s that had a separate loop depicting various variations of ways to drink Bacardi. The back bar was also utilized with Bacardi placings.

Music was supplied by one of the best national DJs, guest stars and International artists such as Blaze, Francois K, Todd Terry, Lexicon Avenue, Tom Middleton and Chicken Lips.

Technology Leveraged

Experiential & unique – placed a bed upright with Breezer Branding whereby people would stand against the bed and have their photograph taken. The photograph with Breezer branding was offered on the spot – instant gratification and keeping the memory alive.

Innovation – first time that moving head lasers were seen in Portugal. Most venues wanted to purchase them after the show. Bacardi Tour can now be considered a catalyst for new and innovative products. It is already a talent creator in that the 2004 resident DJ is now the most sought after artist in the Portuguese Dance scene.

Photo Activation – We introduced for the first time in Portugal Vividot ( which is a system whereby people are given a small sticker colour coded and a alpha-numerical code whereby they can go to the branded Bacardi microsite and view, download, print or forward all photographs where that person appears - great interaction & innovation with the added benefit of the viral component. Vividot drives traffic online, creates branded memories, widens the consumer’s understanding of the brand through all the site information, produces quantitative results, acts as a lead generator and acts as a viral platform – all fully opt-in.

The Breezer zone with the bed had an average of 400 photographs taken, printed with branding and offered to the consumer - instant gratification (40% of the average number of attendees).

Number of attendees rose on average 70% on the Bacardi night compared with year round figures.

Bacardi Carta Blanca & Breezer registered large increases in sales in many cases registering year record highs. In some cases even the most ambitious stock orders sold out. Numbers can not be revealed owing to Client confidentiality.

Bacardi Tour awareness (18-24 yr olds) rose from 33% to over 50% from 2004 (launch of concept) to 2005.

Other Agencies Involved:
New Media Marketing Portugal – relational marketing and construction & maintenance of the Bacardi Bat Beats website
ImageID Germany – Vividot photo activation branded microsite
Input Select Spain – VJs and all image contents
Moma Portugal – casting and supervision of street teams
Kaos Portugal – International Talent Buyer
Nissan Portugal – supplied us with the new Navaras

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