May 31, 2006
    mindless e-mail marketing

Viagra2_1 When I started to receive e-mails offering solutions to "my problem" with an added assurance that I wasn't the only one (how comforting!), I began to worry. Viagra and N-largement pills. How could they know? Was this smart targeted e-mail marketing based on some small socks I had purchased? I began to notice many other people were receiving the same thing - we were in fact being spammed. Relief.

I soon came to terms with the fact that for now, this type of spamming from e-mails such as Rachael Casey [] was not going away. What really infuriated me now was a new breed of dubious "non spamming" that came from fully identified individuals/companies that had managed to get my e-mail probably through some people's inability to understand the difference between cc and bc when bulk sending e-mails to their lists.

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    food is important - flying is not

Nearly 9 thousand Europeans, of which 2100 were Portuguese, were surveyed during November and December 2005, in association with the Consumer Groups of Belgium, Spain, France, Holland and Italy and included a representative sample of the population that had travelled by air in the last 2 years.

Opinions were collected regaring 110 Airlines and 165 airports.

Guess what - TAP came in at number 53


You'd think someone would stop and think about this. It might even have an impact on their bottom line. I'm doing my bit - when ever I book a trip I only have one condition - no TAP!

What puzzles me is that even though they came in at number 53, 61.2% will recommend the airline (most probably to people they dislike) and 33% will most probably recommend TAP. Would these same pople recommend a restuarant that was considered mediocre? I think not. Conclusion food is important - flying is not.

Why I'm bitter

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May 18, 2006
    bacardi bat beats 2005

Bacardi-Martini Portugal / Bacardi Carta Blanca and Breezer


  • Make real the brand promise: Release Your Party Spirit
  • Optimization of costs – A fully integrated concept
  • Relational marketing with rewards – fully opt-in
  • Create a unique and unforgettable experience
  • Clubbing tour with relevant, innovative and experiential content
  • Breezer – included in the Bacardi tour but had to create an impact

Target Audience:
16-24 y.o. in venues where Bacardi-Martini is strategically positioned

Solution [view post]
Videos [view post]

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May 17, 2006
    street teams

Street Team promotion - the new brand advocates

Street Teams are the brand advocates with profound product knowledge. Energetic, dynamic, passionate and highly charged - they take YOUR message directly to YOUR customer.

Street Teams Concept applied [View Bacardi Bat Beats 2005]

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May 16, 2006
    bacardi bat beats 05 Videos
Park Club in Vizela - 25 Jul 2005
[read more]
Look Lounge in Madeira - 10 Set 2005
[read more]
Capitulo V in Algarve - 9 Aug 2005
[read more]

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May 14, 2006
    stop - think - act

"The essence of strategy is choosing what NOT to do."

Michael Porter

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May 06, 2006
    women in event marketing

Womeninexpmarketing The Experiential Marketing Summit introduced for the first year an all new Women in Marketing group - a sisterhood designed to provide information and networking opportunities in the event industry. Still need convincing? - it's a slow change but an exponential one and those onboard now can reap the rewards.

I asked, kind of pleaded actually, to be allowed in the summit because of my interest in marketing to women - my quest. When I received a No! - I have to admit I was shocked - then angry - then slightly paranoid. What was going to happen in there that I could not get access to? It had arrived - the new reality - women in control and not much we can do about it.

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May 05, 2006
    experiential marketing 2006


The 4th Annual Experiential Marketing Summit kicked off in Chicago on the 8th of May with the respective workshops before the main event. Last year, I ventured to Chicago for the first time to sit amongst some of the best and most successful experiential marketers and brands that believe in feeding the industry powerful insights in the true belief that they will be helping agencies to better serve them - a loop which I have to agree is refreshing coming from a market that is highly competitive, secretive and very much us and them (brand and agency or vice versa).

The key ingredient is the experience - how you brainstorm it, design it, implement it and measure it which ultimately [should] results in going back to the drawing board and starting all over again. Interesting to think that we actually learn from the consumers and it’s when we get that, that we can really improve and build on past experiences. However, most of the time we don't think of what the consumer is telling us (sometimes shouting) but focus more on the measurements and the event's success [or lack of].

This year I noticed a big difference which reflects the changing market place - a more emotional, non physical asset and non tangible side of marketing - in short, the experience. I felt closer to experiential marketing and that alone made the trip worth it. But there was more - a whole lot more…

…savvy marketers that have reached out to their customers through consumer programs, mobile tours, sponsorships and my favorite - truly innovative and very unusual approaches.

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    gay cowboys: next big thing?

The cow parade is in itself a fully PR engaged concept so it's no surprise that an agency such as McCann would partner to come up with a simple but effective campaign - it speaks for itself (translated: great viral potential).

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