May 31, 2006
    food is important - flying is not

Nearly 9 thousand Europeans, of which 2100 were Portuguese, were surveyed during November and December 2005, in association with the Consumer Groups of Belgium, Spain, France, Holland and Italy and included a representative sample of the population that had travelled by air in the last 2 years.

Opinions were collected regaring 110 Airlines and 165 airports.

Guess what - TAP came in at number 53


You'd think someone would stop and think about this. It might even have an impact on their bottom line. I'm doing my bit - when ever I book a trip I only have one condition - no TAP!

What puzzles me is that even though they came in at number 53, 61.2% will recommend the airline (most probably to people they dislike) and 33% will most probably recommend TAP. Would these same pople recommend a restuarant that was considered mediocre? I think not. Conclusion food is important - flying is not.

Why I'm bitter

Posted by Nuno Machado Lopes in customer (dis)service
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