June 07, 2006
    experiential marketing & Teens

Teen purchasing power and influence continues to grow and as a result marketeers need to find more effective ways of marketing to teens. They may be overwhelmed by all the advertisements but they are also bored. Brands really need to bring themselves to life – event based marketing (experiential marketing) has veen proved over and over that it's one of the most effective ways of reaching this highly sceptical segment.

But how effective is event marketing? First of all it’s essential to evaluate the need to take the brand outdoors. A recent study by Jack Morton Worldwide shows that while all consumers respond strongly to experiential marketing, it’s the teen market that responds strongest. In fact 71% of 13-17 year olds say that experiential marketing is extremely or very influential in their opinions of a brand, product or service.

Influenced by event marketing, teens were also much more likely to follow through to the purchase. Understanding this ensures that when designing the event,  marketeers close the gap between trial and purchase – let them try it but then let them buy it.

The event must stimulate your audience therefore making it imperative that you address their 5 senses – not just talk about it but really integrate it. Most events lose great opportunities by failing to engage the potential consumer through an integrated 5 sense emotion roller coaster.

There are other factors that make experiential marketing so crucial in the influence of purchasing decisions such as sense of control, knowledge, peer influence and contact with parents. By helping teens feel that they are in control as they test the product and spend time learning about it, puts them very much in the driving seat which is exactly where they want to be.

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