June 07, 2006
    generation Gap – wider?

Ephebiphobia: persistent and unwarranted fear of teenagers. [dictionary definition]

Parents presently view teenagers as gangsta-rapping, cellphone-toting and freaks-geeks and mean-girls world of 2006. The adult cynicism about adolescents derives from the human propensity to exaggerate the threat of the new-fangled. The internet today is viewed as the violence provoking comic books of the 1950´s.

So has there always been a perceived generation gap?

Newsweek's 1954 cover story read “Our Vicious Young Hoodlums” warned of a “national teenage problem” generating an “orgy of crime”.  Two years later, again the cover page warned of teenager trouble, bluntly giving up to  “Lets face it: Our teenagers are out of control”. Statistically, the conclusions were founded – 50% of 13-18 year olds had drunk alcohol the previous week.

Infact, today´s adolescents are no where near as exotic as adults often make them out to be. Teenagers’ biggest problems consist of getting good grades, their appearance and pressure to get into university.

Surprisingly, drinking and/or drugs as well as pressure to have sex are well down on their list of concerns.

“Nostalgia for the past offers no solution to the problems of the present.”
Steven Mintz – historian

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