June 12, 2006

In an interactive world, captivating experiences create affinity. These interactions must fit seamlessly into the customer experience. There’s a growing need to shift from “one shot events” to an endless evolving relationship with the consumer only possible through well thought out strategies. It’s about the story, the characters & the part which the consumer wants and gets to play. The relationship is built on trust and relevance – no longer what the brand wants to say but what the consumer wants to hear. The new language is real and to the ground.

We have through many tours understood the importance of the brand and its message but also the importance of knowing how to convey it – how to reach out and listen, the added value of choosing the right partners and getting them to convey the same message - to tell the same story.

The importance of collecting data is often played down but it’s not only the opportunity to adapt the concept through out but also to achieve the ultimate objectives – touch the consumer and facilitate the sale. We use service providers that understand this and provide us with the tools to collect information (leads) in real time – speed is of essence. Tracking results and analyzing reports after the event is too late.

We use Street Teams to transmit on premise the brand promise using dedicated brand advocates with a profound knowledge of the brand and their ability to communicate on the consumers’ level – it is in fact the last touch point and never to be underestimated.

Through a carefully orchestrated pre-event strategy we use word of mouth, viral marketing and guerilla marketing to initiate and seed buzz online and on site. The understanding of how trust networks work is essential in order to create the awareness. Through Kreedo and other networks, we steadily grow our reach into the lives of the consumer.

Segmentation and regionalization enables us to focus on the desired consumer fine tuning the language and form of communicating. Adolescents interact within their networks at an alarming speed, opting to slow down and become more selective as they become older and develop their opinions and concerns. Women become aware of the new world and the need to look harder (sometimes too hard and thus giving up on their chosen brand) as not all brands truly know how to interact and understand them.

We work through the following stages:

Client Briefing
Brand knowledge
Design 3D
Preparation & budgeting
Continue the relationship
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