June 20, 2006
    the Simpsons Guide...

The Simpsons
"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Original Airdate: 2/21/91 Nr. 215

I never thought I’d get a lesson in business strategy & marketing from the Simpsons… Still could be worse.

250pxoh_brother_where_art_thouSo Homer discovers that he has a long-lost half brother, Herb Powell, who is the wealthy CEO of Powell Motors. When Homer and Herb meet, they instantly hit it off and Herb hires Homer to help design a car for regular guys, as Homer, being an "average" American, is the perfect person to design a new car for his company.
Homer is given entirely free rein in the design, too late for Herb to realize that his brother is somewhat "unaverage."

Lesson #1: no such thing as a typical or average consumer.
Winners: Amazon, Expedia, Carlton Ritz

Lesson #2: Commoditization is the kiss of death
Winners: Intel, Apple

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June 19, 2006
    still Nervous about blogS

Blog I'd always heard that great executives should always alocate 1-2 hours per day to read an get informed. The reality, is that like many, I was always TOO busy... But now there's NO excuse! You can now download NewsGator that runs in your Outlook 2003 - so if you aren't too busy for e-mails you can't be too busy for blogs. It's actually like tapping into the brains of all the people that could answer all your queries, all your fears and in the meantime you'll stumble across great ideas and sometimes quite inspiring stuff.

Blogging really kicks off when you start to interact with your consumers. We moved our web pages for Paradise Garage to the blog format and we jumped from 250 unique visits to over 1000 but the greatest move only started to take effect today as we replied to our first comments and not very favorable at that - but they were actually very tuned in. They should be - they are straight from our customers!

It's the beginning but it's all about gaining their trust and we've sat for hours looking at a comment wondering whether to remove it - once we had some basic rules - applied to life - opinios are fine, personal attacks not - it was easy. I was VERY surprised however to see these stats on the post in eMarketer.com titled "Executives Not Quite Hot to Blog".


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June 14, 2006
    leap ahead - the Intel way

Not wishing to become a reporting thespian Jornalist type, coming to you live (with a month or so delay) from the Experiential Summit in Chicago 2006, I have to confess that I took a particular interest not only to the topic but also to the presenter - Kevin Sellers, Intel’s Director for Corporate Brand & Strategic Marketing, who gave one of the most relevant and revealing key note speeches I have heard.

Sellers took us through Intel’s evolving marketing strategy and gave his personal insights into experiential marketing. Like most marketers present, he too focused not on the “one shot” event but on an experiential strategy that takes events into the realm of emotional connectivity.

A large hurdle, and one that I was fascinated to hear, was how do you communicate or market a product as boring as transistors? It’s not a product you can go and buy and worse of all it’s in someone else’s product. So how can you market a product that your consumer cannot interact with? This was the start of Intel’s strategy to market their innovation.

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June 13, 2006
    buzz marketing - a must!

Buzz is defined by Emanuel Rosen in Anatomy of Buzz as “the aggregate of all person-to-person communication about a particular product, service, or company at any point in time”. 

Through our need to communicate and connect with each other, facilitated by the Internet, Mobile Phones, E-mail and numerous other ways, it’s become the number-one way to get information about flights, hotels, cars, music, cinema as well as countless other information we feel the need to have.

Many companies still do not see the benefits or the need to regard buzz marketing as part of their integrated media plan. These same people are however quite happy to quote the number of people who tell friends about their positive or negative experiences – is that not buzz marketing at work? It should be comforting to know that companies can actually not only control the process but use it to their advantage. Many actually do though not all are aware of it.

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June 12, 2006

In an interactive world, captivating experiences create affinity. These interactions must fit seamlessly into the customer experience. There’s a growing need to shift from “one shot events” to an endless evolving relationship with the consumer only possible through well thought out strategies. It’s about the story, the characters & the part which the consumer wants and gets to play. The relationship is built on trust and relevance – no longer what the brand wants to say but what the consumer wants to hear. The new language is real and to the ground.

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June 07, 2006
    experiential marketing & Teens

Teen purchasing power and influence continues to grow and as a result marketeers need to find more effective ways of marketing to teens. They may be overwhelmed by all the advertisements but they are also bored. Brands really need to bring themselves to life – event based marketing (experiential marketing) has veen proved over and over that it's one of the most effective ways of reaching this highly sceptical segment.

But how effective is event marketing? First of all it’s essential to evaluate the need to take the brand outdoors. A recent study by Jack Morton Worldwide shows that while all consumers respond strongly to experiential marketing, it’s the teen market that responds strongest. In fact 71% of 13-17 year olds say that experiential marketing is extremely or very influential in their opinions of a brand, product or service.

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    generation Gap – wider?

Ephebiphobia: persistent and unwarranted fear of teenagers. [dictionary definition]

Parents presently view teenagers as gangsta-rapping, cellphone-toting and freaks-geeks and mean-girls world of 2006. The adult cynicism about adolescents derives from the human propensity to exaggerate the threat of the new-fangled. The internet today is viewed as the violence provoking comic books of the 1950´s.

So has there always been a perceived generation gap?

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June 05, 2006
    smarttrak monitors motorists

Smart Signs Media offers outdoor advertisers a powerful tool enabling them to capture specific, real-time demographic information about the motorists passing their signs through sensors installed in their Smart Media digital video advertising panels. This is done by monitoring "the passive local oscillation signals emitted by the FM radios of passing automobiles." Those signals in turn provide the frequencies to which the radios are tuned.

Can you see the implications?

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