June 05, 2006
    smarttrak monitors motorists

Smart Signs Media offers outdoor advertisers a powerful tool enabling them to capture specific, real-time demographic information about the motorists passing their signs through sensors installed in their Smart Media digital video advertising panels. This is done by monitoring "the passive local oscillation signals emitted by the FM radios of passing automobiles." Those signals in turn provide the frequencies to which the radios are tuned.

Can you see the implications?

So by having digital media advertisements, a threshold of say 30% being reached by a specific radiostation, that targets a specific demographic at a certain time, can trigger a specific advertisement that is specific to the majority of motorists passing the sign at that time. The adverts can keep changing and clients charged for direct impact only. When their credit has been reached (the budget allocated to that campaign), the brand manager can be alerted via SMS to whether to continue the campaign by purchasing more credit or simply calling it a day.

Well that's me adding a bit of spice to it. I'm buying one now!

It’s got to be better than receiving a dozen Bluetooth messages to accept or decline the advertisement coming from a billboard – I don’t know about you but I use my telephone to make calls, my camera to take pictures and my computer to read e-mails… my PDA sits on my desk fully synchronized in case of a catastrophe where I have to run out of the door with as much information as I can.

A live example of this in New York (you may need to refresh F5 - may not work in all computers!):

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