July 25, 2006
    MTV tests the social water

Logo_fluxMTV has realized that it too cannot become a spectator in the Social Media Arena. Even though there are still many issues such as copyright that have yet to be fully addressed with the explosion of online viewing led by YouTube, MTV launched a television channel devoted to content created by its users.

MTV Flux will allow users to upload video content via mobile phones and internet along with a voting system for music videos ensuring that content is decided by the masses for the masses – a further democratization of the traditional media model. Like all other companies, the objective is to create a unique and differentiating experience whilst being able to integrate a business model to ensure that the shift in viewing behavior is accompanied by the respective shift in financial return.

If MTV’s Flux is a success, which by all accounts should be if you analyze the present internet makeup, the cable channel will be the first to move content created online onto the traditional television network. The future, therefore, is taking shape in the redefinition of what television is today. The quest continues to target the hard-to-reach 16-24 year old audience.

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Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in London
July 23, 2006

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