July 25, 2006
    MTV tests the social water

Logo_fluxMTV has realized that it too cannot become a spectator in the Social Media Arena. Even though there are still many issues such as copyright that have yet to be fully addressed with the explosion of online viewing led by YouTube, MTV launched a television channel devoted to content created by its users.

MTV Flux will allow users to upload video content via mobile phones and internet along with a voting system for music videos ensuring that content is decided by the masses for the masses – a further democratization of the traditional media model. Like all other companies, the objective is to create a unique and differentiating experience whilst being able to integrate a business model to ensure that the shift in viewing behavior is accompanied by the respective shift in financial return.

If MTV’s Flux is a success, which by all accounts should be if you analyze the present internet makeup, the cable channel will be the first to move content created online onto the traditional television network. The future, therefore, is taking shape in the redefinition of what television is today. The quest continues to target the hard-to-reach 16-24 year old audience.

read more at FT.com
Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in London
July 23, 2006

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    myspace - the party continues...

MyspaceWhen Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corporation, beats Viacom (includes MTV) to MySpace with a price tag of $580 million, you have to take note. Murdoch is the epiphany of the old establishment, printing presses and ruler of the skies. However, it became obvious to him that the deep changes caused as a result of the growing online community would have an impact on his empire’s future.

“Technology is shifting power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s the people taking control”, claims Murdoch,”the Internet is the media’s golden age.”

The shift from top down, one fits all, is being replaced at lightning Internet speed to delivering what the audience wants, when and where they want it. And it’s not easy to control let alone apply traditional business models. One wrong move and the disruptive forces that built the community can turn on you.

MySpace is described as a 24/7 party with “pimped” pages that has left the ever so in tune with youth MTV looking sedately out of date. It’s core values are what the users want it to be and to find a way of taming the beast will all but kill it. How frustrating to have a community of 90 Million, 280,000 added EVERY day, a billion page views PER day and still be at odds as to how to obtain a return worthy of the audience.

To Murdoch, an audience this size agglomerated with NO marketing, in other words a virally produced site with the added bonus of having no content costs, is a refreshing concept to him, used to paying out millions for hits such as the Simpsons, 24 or even Fox News.

So the playing field has changed. The new order is an emphasis on connecting people with people, keeping them sufficiently motivated to produce their own content whilst adding widgets (gadgets) to the party ever so often. They are no longer watching – they are indeed participating. It’s all about keeping the party going on auto pilot until the right mix of autonomy and control can be reached without interfering.

MySpace, like any other community online, will enable its “keepers” to spot micro-niches, track early trends, identify new buzz words or concepts and ultimately has the power to make hits, market hits and replace hits with new hits all within the virtual walls of the community

“Popular culture will become more truly popular than ever before”.

read more Wired Magazine
Spencer Reiss July 2006

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July 14, 2006
    how NOT to market or sell

Logoelis Our offices are on the 7th Floor of an office building in one of the main avenues in Lisbon. There are several predominant companies with strong ties to some of the largest companies in Portugal.

This morning, a sales person from Elis, a company that supplies “services to businesses and administrations”, walked into the reception of our office building and asked at security to visit all the offices. As the building has in the past suffered several security breaches and all those present have communicated that under no circumstances can people disrupt their working day, especially as one of the offices, which is a specialized recruitment company, conducts evaluation tests for some of the largest companies in the World.

The salesperson, who was identified, dismissed the security’s request and for half an hour tried to get through acting in a highly provocative manner. Security had to call the police and this was only resolved when two police cars arrived and the salesperson was asked to leave the premises – which he did.

You have to ask the question – not how much revenue did the salesperson from Elis accomplish from this visit; not how much this cost to Elis in salary terms, but more importantly what type of damage does an episode like this bring to a brand such as Elis.

Analyze the following: Ignore for now that I will use this as an example probably for the rest of my life as an example of WHAT not to do and the hundreds of people who are either decision makers or have close links to decision makers that will hear this as an example and then retell it when discussing an example of exceedingly POOR customer service.

Security guard works in a company that has hundreds of security staff that work in hundreds of office buildings. This will no doubt be a hot topic discussed for the next few days and passed on and passed on. Not intentionally, but because bad news travels quicker than good news and in this case, an unfortunate disadvantage to Elis, the security guard is female (and the salesperson male).

In turn, the next time that someone from Elis steps into the foyer of any office building serviced by the same security company, I doubt they will even be able to open their mouths. Those with Elis contracts in those office buildings will inevitably be retold this story. Not that that will persuade companies to switch service provider, but certainly next time Elis underperforms their customer’s tolerance may be that much smaller.

The security guard informed me, as she did to all other offices, fuming at the episode and all companies in the building will no doubt be retelling this story (again to the disadvantage of Elis that not only do they not know who’s talking about this but also when they will talk about it – a mere reference to Elis, the service they provide, their competition or any reference to poor service will bring about The Elis Story.

The companies will talk to companies who talk to companies. So what did the salesperson accomplish in 40 minutes? Incalculable damage. If you think I’m being dramatic, ask Comcast (nearly 700,000 views in 3 weeks) and AOL (nearly 300,000 views not to mention a special appearance on WNBC). Word of mouth is one of THE most powerful methods of unfiltered communication wrapped in trust & transparency presently associated to those you believe most – your friends & colleagues.

Luckily the video and audio footage from the security cameras is not available to anyone as it would no doubt have the hallmarks of a YouTube blockbuster, including police!

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June 19, 2006
    still Nervous about blogS

Blog I'd always heard that great executives should always alocate 1-2 hours per day to read an get informed. The reality, is that like many, I was always TOO busy... But now there's NO excuse! You can now download NewsGator that runs in your Outlook 2003 - so if you aren't too busy for e-mails you can't be too busy for blogs. It's actually like tapping into the brains of all the people that could answer all your queries, all your fears and in the meantime you'll stumble across great ideas and sometimes quite inspiring stuff.

Blogging really kicks off when you start to interact with your consumers. We moved our web pages for Paradise Garage to the blog format and we jumped from 250 unique visits to over 1000 but the greatest move only started to take effect today as we replied to our first comments and not very favorable at that - but they were actually very tuned in. They should be - they are straight from our customers!

It's the beginning but it's all about gaining their trust and we've sat for hours looking at a comment wondering whether to remove it - once we had some basic rules - applied to life - opinios are fine, personal attacks not - it was easy. I was VERY surprised however to see these stats on the post in eMarketer.com titled "Executives Not Quite Hot to Blog".


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May 05, 2006
    gay cowboys: next big thing?

The cow parade is in itself a fully PR engaged concept so it's no surprise that an agency such as McCann would partner to come up with a simple but effective campaign - it speaks for itself (translated: great viral potential).

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April 13, 2006
    brand democracy


Campaign Goal:
We decided to set up a webpage that would act as a marketing research / testing platform for both existing and new products. The campaign was used to bring awareness to the new site. The reason for the site is that we are a (Portugal-based) marketing company that wants to have real time market research (quantitative & qualitative) without the expense usually associated.

We came up with the name Kreedo (Credo - belief) and had a flash media presentation with a great sound and engaging language. Kreedo - brand democracy - you decide - your universe - want to be the first to see unrealeased films? - hear unreleased music? - test products before they come out? Be the first...

We had onestat supplying us with statistics as well as VI Net that were supplying us with the bandwidth necessary - with just a flash media presentation we blew our 2.5 GB traffic alowance in 2 days. In 6 days we had clocked up over 10 Million hits! We used clever scripts for people to register and through their hotmail, gmail and outlook address lists, send out invitations awarding points for friends that registered.

Seed Strategy:
We targeted 200 brand ambassadors / opinion leaders in the Portuguese youth market and invited them to have a look at the site - it then grew exponentially.

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
In 6 days we had 30,000 members registered which quickly grew to 70,000 with profile. Average age was a surprise - higher than we expected - 21 years old.

We then began building the site based on their comments as the first thing we placed was a forum. This is THEIR universe so we built it whilst they gave us the direction. The peak was tremendous and then it dropped. We now have peaks when we run campaigns such as the Apple Nano campaign - awareness of capabilities - not just an expensive mp3 player.

Biggest Learning:
The number of visitors and the speed at which we grew could never have guessed! Would have prepared the register for other countries - we never thought that 30% of those registering were from Brazil, USA, Canada as well as other countries ranging from the Middle East to Europe. Would have also prepared the server as the site went down on several occasions owing to exceedingly high traffic.

The Viral Result:
There's no doubt as to the power of the viral campaign as viewed in the following diagram compared to the three main mobile operators:


MarketingSherpa classified the Kreedo Viral Campaign 8th - read more



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April 12, 2006
    Kreedo Power!

MarketingSherpa's editorial staff reviewed nearly 100 detailed entries to pick the Top 12 viral marketing campaigns for their 2006 Hall of Fame. Kreedo came 8th which personally I think is pretty good. Here's what they had to say:

"All too many of the campaigns we reviewed for this year's Viral Hall of Fame were, while ably conducted, fairly similar to campaigns we've seen before (and before, and before that as well.) However, 12 really were stand-outs."

#8. Kreedo Brand Democracy

MarketingSherpa Summary:
The big problem with viral marketing is figuring out ahead of time what creative your prospects will find so exciting that they virally spread the word. Often it feels like a crap shoot. This campaign by a market research firm in Portugal offers a solution -- why not launch with a microsite something that's "good enough" for some viral spread and then ask your visitors what else they'd like you to add to it? If you build what they *really* want, they will come.

Read more: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/vas2006/8.html

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