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Mobile marketing units should not be viewed simply as a marketing tool. There can be several applications based on the configuration and versatility of each unit.

When we design a vehicle, baring in mind the financial viability, we ensure that a mobile marketing tour covers every possible angle.
The two main features of the mobile vehicle are:

The Mobile education centre concept is an important and often ignored feature of the mobile marketing campaign. Training and brand management/education can play a vital role in the company’s efforts of ensuring that the product reaches the end consumer along with the correct product information.

Through carefully programmed morning sessions, brand managers can transmit their ideas direct to those that have direct contact with the consumer with the added bonus of retrieving vital local information of regional barriers or constraints.

Experiential marketing is the most obvious feature of the mobile marketing unit. A mobile tour can become a prime feature within an innovative campaign centred on the Euro2004 and Carlsberg. It invites the consumers to experience the brand in a creative way that can bring its advertising to life. The versatility of the vehicle is essential in allowing the largest number of people to experience first hand the brand and the core message of the mobile tour. Not only must we meet the company’s objectives but also ensure that we fulfil the consumer’s expectations